You must have experienced the feeling when you bump into an old friend somewhere randomly or when both of you say the same thing at the same time. Those moments do not even come close to the ‘holy crap’ coincidences we have in store for you.

Check them out for yourself!

1. Identical Twins – Identical Lives

A pair of twins from Ohio was separated at birth for adoptions. Both were named James, grew up to become police officers, both married women named “Linda”, both had sons named James Allan and dogs named Toy.

That’s not all; they both got divorced and married women named Betty!

2. Edgar Allan Poe, a Time Traveler?

Edgar Allan Poe claimed his book ‘The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym’ was based on a reality, when it was not. Forty six years later however, a ship sank with four members who were forced to eat the cabin boy.

The story may be a coincidence but even the name of this cabin boy was the same.

3. Mark Twain’s Prediction

This famous writer was born when Halley’s Comet was passing Earth. While this occurrence happens approximately every 76 years, he predicted that when it does happen again, he will pass away. The writer actually did pass away on the next appearance of the comet.

4. Lucky or Ominous?

Violet Jessup was a nurse and a stewardess who was on board the tragic HMS Olympic when it collided with the HMS Hawke and was also on the HMHS Britannic when it sank because of a sea mine. You may have guesses what came next. She was also onboard the RMS Titanic.

5. Anthony Hopkins and George Feifer

For his role in The Girl from Petrova, Anthony Hopkins searched a lot for the actual novel written by George Feifer. After giving up, Anthony stumbled upon a novel while randomly traveling in a subway. Later when he met the author, he found out that it was George that had lost his copy on that very carriage.

6. The Simpsons’ Prediction

Among episodes that came true, one episode of the year 2000 actually predicted the exact scenes when Trump would become President. A scene actually depicted him waving at onlookers on an escalator and an exact photograph exists of the exact setting.

7. Two Plane Crashes, One Cyclist

Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge cheated death by having the boarding tickets of two plane crashes. Not only did he cheat death, but also saved money from it, as his last minute changes were due to finding cheaper flights.

8. Lincoln & Kennedy

Both these American Presidents were shot at the back of the head, died before a holiday, died on a Friday, were accompanied by their wives at the time of assassination, had a good friend named Billy Graham, had four children, had secretaries named after the other, and both had successors called Johnson.  

9. The First and Last

The first and last soldiers in the First World War in a cemetery are located next to each other just six meters apart, with their headstones facing each other.

Not surprised yet? The arrangement of the cemetery was never planned.

10. Reincarnation

Tupac Shakur died on September 13, 1996. On this day, the modern day mumble rapper Playboi Carti was born.