We often take our existence and our lives for granted, and aren’t thankful for all that exists.

To help change that, the following is a list of 10 marvels that make it all possible and 10 more reasons for us to practice gratitude;

1. The Big Bang

Image via How Stuff Works



If you really think about it, there would have been a day without a yesterday at some point of time.

This event of cosmic inflation gave birth to radiation, antiparticles and many more ingredients which were perfect enough to generate our existence.

Without the Big Bang, there would be no us.

2. An Asymmetrical Universe



Did you know that the perfect quantities of matter and anti matter are what make the Universe what it is? How this came into being is a mystery, but the importance of this occurrence needs to be realized. If this wasn’t the case, then we would instantly be annihilated by the continuous expanse and cooling of the Universe.

3. The Atom

Image via Atom.io



These are the building blocks of everything in existence. The particles of our immense universe bind and contract to form the miniscule but powerful atom. These atoms then cluster together to form the structure of everything we can possibly see and yet have to discover.

4. Gravity



This is the most universal and long range force of all. Without gravity, the great cosmic web could not have formed in which resides our galaxy and in turn our home planet – Earth. We wouldn’t have a home to live in without gravity – hard to grasp this fact, but this is the truth.

5. Nuclear Fusion

Image via Infofavour



Not only is this solely responsible to bring light to the Universe, but also is the reason we have a periodic table of elements. The very oxygen we breathe is formed due to nuclear fusion.

6. Death Gives Way for Life



Gigantic stars implode every few million years to fill the Universe with their majority of stable elements due to runaway fusion. Thankfully, gravity then distributes these amongst galaxies which are eventually assimilated into our periodic table.

7. Cosmic Recycling

Image via Youtube



Stars are pulled together by gravity to form molecular clouds, which collapse to form nebulae with pristine elements which make stars and rocky planets like the one we reside upon.

8. Cosmic Coincidence



Amongst the rocky planets which were a result of the Big Bang 9.2 billion years ago, only Earth is placed perfectly enough to have the perfect amount of the resources of life. This is why none of the other worlds inhabit life.

9. Evolution

Image via Kingdomology



Every extinction event and hardiness has led to our evolution and lines of DNA that seems like a fortunate success. Humans, plants animals, fungi and many more are a result of evolution.

10. All That We Have Today



The finite amount our existence allows for isn’t enough to comprehend everything we know and discover what we don’t.  

All that seems befitting for our present is to show gratitude and look to the stars and ponder upon the magnificent complexities this Universe has provided us.