With all the majesty and magnificence of Mother Earth, comes a bunch of geophysical weirdness and inherent quirks that we cannot perceive on a planetary scale.

Once we open our eyes, so to speak, we grow as individuals and we begin to treasure the many wonders that surround us.

Here are some of the oddest facts about the planet we call home;

1. Planetary Pole’s Ability to Flip



The north and south poles as we know remain where they geographically reside. The magnetic poles however can be triggered every 20 million years to flip over! In such circumstances which were seen about 800,000 years ago, your compass would have pointed North for Antarctica. Currently the Earth’s magnetic poles are moving at about 40 miles per year. What’s interesting is that we are overdue for a flip, since the last one occurred 780,000 years ago.

2. A Super Moon



The satellite that appears in the sky every night is among the most overgrown ones in the solar system. No other planet and satellite pair is so perfect that they can experience a total solar eclipse.

3. Largest Migration Is Airborne

Image via Wikipedia



If you think that 1.3 million wildebeests migrating from Kenya to Tanzania was the most, you would be mistaken. The giant fruit bat forms clusters of hundred which soon becomes into millions until the sky is completely filled with approximately 15 million furry and winged creatures.

4. Humongous Fungus



Any layman will say that the biggest living organism is the Blue Whale, or the conglomerates of coral reefs. In 1992 however it was found that a fungus in Michigan constituted of over 37 acres of land. More recently a monstrous fungus was found while a team was investigating tree die-off, which covered an unimaginable 2000 acres of land and was thousands of years old.

5. Alien like Landscapes

Image via The Atlantic



Ethiopia’s Danakil Depression consists of simmering springs, lava lakes, salty mirages and poisonous gases. Even these areas have found ecosystems which consist of alien like multicolored hydrothermal vents. This is what fascinates astrobiologists into their current research.

6. Island Surrounded by Waterfall

Image via Riu



Mauritius seems to be surrounded by an illusion of a mystical abyss. The swirling ocean currents which carry sand and silt create what appears to be surrounding waterfalls, which can even be seen on Google Earth.

7. Gems May Be Right Beneath You



The cave of crystals with walls lined with gems as tall as 30 feet in Mexico was found mistakenly when silver miners broke through its walls. Imagine their awe!

Similarly in Vietnam, a cave was accidentally discovered which could easily park a 747 jumbo jet.

8. Living Clouds



As starlings swirl and morph, they form dark shifting clouds near the ground. Thousands fly in tandem to form this mesmerizing display to ward off predators, although science still does not know how.

9. Ancient Underwater Meadows



The expansive Posidonia sea grass off the coast of Spain, have a process of cloning and cell division which dates them to at least a 100,000 years old. This probably dates them even before our ancestral roots.

10. Boiling River



A few degrees off the mark of boiling, the Peruvian Amazon actually hides such a river. It is hot enough to transform its surroundings into a mythical paradise and also kills everything that falls into it.

Very Jules Verne isn’t it?