Ever since the world was made, it has turned to science to understand how nature works based on empirical evidence. Surprisingly, there have been incidents which even science could not get a knack of and they remain to be a mystery still or are referred to as miracles.

Here are 25 of such mysterious incidents which occurred during the first half of this decade and are sure to give you goosebumps.

25. The Harbour Mille UFOs


On January 25th, 2010, there was a sighting of strange flying objects in the middle of the night near Harbour Mille, Canada, and no one knows what they were. It wasn’t just another surreal UFO story, this time there were actual pictures! A resident was able to get a picture of one of these objects!
It was reported that there were at least 3 UFOs that silently moved through the sky and resembled missiles.

24. The Man Who Became a Genius after Getting a Head-Smack

Photo via. Huffington post

While medical science endorses that head injuries are really dangerous; they made Jason Padgett a legend. Jason, a college dropout, apparently turned into a mathematical genius overnight after being punched in the head by an attacker.
He is now one of the 40 people in the world who suffered “acquired savant syndrome,” a strange condition in which a trauma to the head leads to a sudden appearance of talent in math, art, or music.

23. Mass Death of the Florida Turtles

Photo via. center of climate protection

Dozens of turtles died in Keystone Heights, Florida in January 2012and The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission failed to identify the reason. Onlookers found dozens of dead turtles at the rear end of the Pinon Road and experts say none of them died a traumatic death.

22. Chile’s Moth-man

In 2013, people in Chile, a young man observed a human-like winged creature flying between two trees close to Bustamante Park in Santiago, Chile. He portrayed it as something like a cross between Batman and Dracula.
Was it a reptile or a moth-man?!

21. A Three-Year-Old Remembers the Details of Being Murdered in His Previous Life

Last year, a boy, aged 3, declares remembered being murdered with an ax in his previous life. He even guided elders to the spot where he knows his body was buried. The spookiest twist in the story is the skeleton with the murder weapon lying at the specified spot!

20. The Bone-Shaped Rock on Planet Mars

Photo via. CNET

An alleged ‘thigh-bone’ was found in the pictures in the images taken on Mars by one of NASA’s Curiosity itinerants in 2014. This was numbered in the lost list of peculiar objects on Mars and a logical explanation from NASA is still awaited.

19. A Young Man Trapped In His “Déjà Vu” For Decades

A student aged 23 has apparently fallen victim to his own déjà vu and it’s been ages now. The boy claims he has such a strong feeling of things been done before that he can hardly get away with it. In fact, he had to drop out of the college because of this.
As per Dr. Christine Wells, a psychology expert, this could be the first-ever recorded instance of psychogenic déjà vu.

18. Antarctica’s Massive Ice Ring

Photo via. Morning post

Enroute a routine survey flight in December, geophysicist Christian Muller spotted a ring-shaped cavern almost two months back in Antarctica’s King Baudoin Ice Shelf. The researchers deem that the ice ring found could be the affected site of a meteorite that hit the section around 11 years ago.

17. The Man on Fire

A 20-year old boy woke up engulfed in flames last summer. Seemingly, the fire erupted on his body spontaneously and left second-degree burns. The doctors dealing with this case said it was an alienated incident.

16. Lake Michigan’s Uncanny Shipwreck

While looking for gold in Lake Michigan, two American Hunters found wrecks of a ship from the 17th century that was assumed to be a vessel built by a French explorer Robert de La Salle in 1679 called the Griffin.
The truth, however, is still far from our eyes.

15. The Lost Beach Reappears Overnight

This may sound very unusual and creepy, but the entire sand volume at Porthleven in Cornwall (UK) recently disappeared due to a high tide, but in only a matter of few hours, a second high tide brought the beach back. No one knows how that happened!

14. “Human shadow” photographed on Mars

NASA left the world awestruck with their latest picture in which a clear shadow is depicted which looks eerily similar to that of a person who is working on fixing the rover standing right beside it. It is still not confirmed if Mars has officially become livable for humans or was it just a hoax.

13. Icebergs and Their Sound Signatures

Icebergs can be identified with their unique sound signatures, say the researchers from different universities in the US, UK, and Poland. This was proved by an experiment in which microphones were placed close to the Hans Glacier in Svalbard (in the Arctic Ocean) to monitor the process of ice breaking apart from the main flow.

12. South America’s Fireball UFO

While UFO sighting are too mainstream now; this one will outshine the rest. A UFO-like burning object was observed by numerous witnesses across Brazil and Argentina the previous month. Although it has been labeled a comet, a logical explanation is still missing.

11. The Woman with 1,000 Near-Death Experiences

In just a matter of last 30 years of 49-year old Beverley Gilmour, has had 1000 near-death experiences. Her unique case is said to be the only one in the world in 2013 by the doctors and scientists studying her condition and there is no reason why the lady will flirt with death over and over again.

10. Eccentric Cloud Formation Over Panama City Beach, Florida

A strange cloud formation resembling a wave of cotton filling occupied the Panama City Beach on the day of a rare snowstorm in Libya in 2012. Was it actually a cotton-filled tidal wave of cotton filling or some ghostly aerodynamics? No one still knows that!

9. Apocalyptic Sounds Heard Across Costa Rica

Costa Ricans woke up to an oddly loud sound from the skies on 9th January in 2012. Several titled it as apocalyptic-sounding bustle but the vague explanation left thousands worried.

8. “Extinct” Deer Comes To Life in Vietnam

Researchers at the Xuan Lien Nature Reserve in Vietnam who have been studying deer populations rediscovered a species that vanished more than eighty-five years back and wasn’t seen for a complete century. There is no scientific explanation of its re-emergence so far.

7. The Boy with No Feelings of Thirst or Hunger

Landon Jones from Cedar Falls, Low is a 12-year-old boy who never feels hunger or thirst. The boy woke up with chest congestion on October 14th, 2013 which was treated but it seems that it left him with no physical desire to eat or drink. The boy won’t eat or drink until he is reminded to.

6. The Diamond-Filled Rock sin Russia

A strange chunk of rock containing thirty thousand individual diamonds was unearthed in a Russian mine two months ago. The red-and-green tinted rock is considered to be so rare and unusual that it was donated to science so that research could be carried out on its composition and origins.

5. Mass Invasion of Weird Creatures in the US beaches

Organisms called “by-the-wind sailors” have been swimming along the West Coast for the last few months. The creatures have begun to hit on America’s shorelines amass and are said to be billions in some regions. Nobody knows what they are and why is this happening.

4. Red Glow over the Pacific

A whimsical but beautiful show of red lights was seen by two Russian pilots while flying close to Kamchatka. It all started as a sudden strong flash before red-and-orange glows could be observed pervading through the ocean.

3. Fish’s Appearance and Disappearance in Northern Norway

In Northern Norway, thousands of lifeless herring covered a region on the coast in 2012 and just when the locals could start the official count, the fish disappeared. Where did they come from and where did they go? God knows!

2. The “Blue Sphere Shower”

In England, subsequent to a hailstorm, tiny jelly-like spheres of blue color fell from the sky and once they all fell down, the sky turned yellow. Witnesses report that they found a few of these balls and they had an exterior shell, a softer inner shell, but were not sticky or smelly. We will probably never know what these were.

1. The Dead Bird Rains in Arkansas

In 2012, the residents of an Arkansas town experienced a gruesome phenomenon as 5,000 dead blackbirds dropped from the sky in the early hours of the New Year. Strangely, this was the second year consecutively that this happened as the year changed.
Can you decide one that was the weirdest or the scariest? We can’t!