We as millennials place our trust completely on facts and figures provided by science. There is however some phenomena around us which even science cannot grasp.

So should we turn over to Chuck Norris? Or should we just look at these phenomena wondering whether wizards exist? Here is a list of such circumstances in our surrounding. What you do about this knowledge is your destiny.

1. The Hessdalen Lights

This particular phenomenon seems like an episode from the X-Files. Every night in the Hessdalen Valley of Norway, strange lights can be seen in the sky, simply dancing around in patterns and sometimes even in different flashy colors.

People, who have actually tried to inspect this event, have not found hillbillies just raving away in the horizon. It became a wonder when science actually confirmed that the Hessdalen lights was an actual thing, and that they have no clue what actually causes it. One frightening theory is that the valley is actually radioactive.

2. Kazakhstan Sleep Epidemic

Kazakhstan is actually famous for a plague like phenomenon and no we are not talking about the Borat impressions. There is a very mysterious epidemic that shrouds over the locals of Kazakhstan, which leads to them having hallucinations, memory loss, fatigue and long periods of unexpected narcolepsy.

There have been reports of residents of Kalachi simply falling unconscious randomly. A hypothesis of leading scientists is that the town is very close to a uranium mine. The problem with this theory is that another town which is closer to this mine does not experience any of the symptoms of Kazakhstan.

3. Fairy Circles In Namibia

Photo via. Phys.org

The topographic circle of the desert in Namibia, Africa is a scientific phenomenon. The topographic pictures show fields of grass that are frequently interrupted with circles – and the problem with this is that nothing of this sort can grow in the desert.

Scientists have come up with various explanations and hypothesis for this ranging from ostriches making those circles to radiation or poisonous gases. There are no ostriches in that area nor are there any signs of radiation in the vicinity.

4. The Taos Hum

Photo via. Aquiziam

Do you know that feeling of hearing a television hum or the continuous buzz of electrical wires? It has the potential of driving someone mad doesn’t it? Since the 90’s, residents of Taos have been reporting these sounds in the entire town and since then it has never stopped.

Similar sounds have been tracked to their sources like in a town in England; the noise was due to a nearby flight path. This however is not the case in Taos.

5. The Minnesota Devil’s Kettle

Photo via. map.net

There is a river in Minnesota which at a point is split by a rock and one part of the river continues onwards, whereas the other is the one in question. The other part of the river goes into a hole in the rock and no one knows where it leads to. Ping pong balls and dye have been used previously to trace where the water meets with the river again. None appeared ever again.