You wouldn’t think the White House would be home to a swarm of famous ghosts, including Abigail Adams, Andrew Jackson, and Harry S. Truman. But it’s true. Reports have been made about presidential ghosts living in the White House still to this day, and this includes Abraham Lincoln. The 16th President is the most frequently reported ghost sighting in the White House, and has been seen, and even photographed, by some of the most famous and influential people in American history.

Spotted By First Lady Grace Coolidge

First Lady Grace Coolidge revealed to American Magazine that she once spotted Lincoln’s ghostly image standing by a window in what had been his office (now referred to as the Lincoln Bedroom).

Grace Coolidge (Wikipedia)

Lincoln’s ghost was staring out the window toward Virginia, where he would have watched a Civil War battlefield from his office in the White House.

Taking Winston Churchill By Surprise

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill didn’t expect to see Lincoln’s ghost when he walked into his bedroom suite during his residency at the White House in the 1940s. According to the story, Churchill walked into his bedroom after taking a bath, completely nude, and he stopped in his footsteps when he saw Lincoln leaning against the fireplace.

Churchill jokingly remarked, “Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.”

Winston Churchill (Wikipedia)

But after the spooky surprise, Churchill requested a different bedroom for the remainder of his residence.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Couldn’t Believe It

When President Dwight D. Eisenhower saw a figure walking towards him, it took him a moment to realize it wasn’t an ordinary person. Instead, it was Lincoln’s ghost, perhaps bidding a fellow president good luck in his presidency.

Dwight D. Eisenhower (US Army)

Eisenhower later told press secretary James Hagerty about the experience. The president continued to feel Lincoln’s presence in the White House, but he commented it always brought him peace and it was a “welcome sight.”

Eleanor Roosevelt Felt His Presence, Too

Eisenhower wasn’t alone in feeling Lincoln’s ghostly presence. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reported feeling his presence when she used the Lincoln Bedroom as her study. She knew he was standing behind her, watching her work.

Eleanor Roosevelt (Wikipedia)

But she’s not alone. Her secretary, Mary Eben, reported seeing Lincoln’s ghost in the northwest bedroom. The president was sitting on the edge of the bed, pulling on his boots as though he was in a hurry. Eben screamed and ran from the room.

Other White House staff members of the Roosevelt administration reported seeing Lincoln’s ghost lying quietly on his bed.

Captured On Camera

William Mumler was history’s original spirit photographer. He had the unique talent of unintentionally capturing spirits in his photographs. His popularity rose during the Civil War, but none of his photographs were as perfect as the photograph he captured of Lincoln’s ghost.

While his colleagues were skeptical of the photographs, Mumler always claimed they were true. In one of his best creations, Mumler photographed Mary Todd. Standing behind her is her husband, the late President Lincoln, resting his hands on her shoulders.

Mary Todd Lincoln (New Yorker)

Knowing Lincoln’s presence is in the White House must be comforting for everyone, as long as Lincoln is a happy ghost.