While most of your favorite films are staged with CGI and fake sets, there are some of those real locations that you can possibly visit. The following are 9 such locations;

1.  The Ghostbusters Firehouse

The New York Ghostbusters headquarters was shot in an actual Hook & Ladder Fire Department. The interior of the headquarters was however shot at Fire Station #23 in Los Angeles which was decommissioned and is now a historical cultural monument.

2.  The Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza

The building where the scenic hostage situation was filmed is actually the Twentieth Century Fox headquarters in Los Angeles. The same building was used in Airheads, Speed and Fight Club.

3.  The Robocop OCP Headquarters

Although the movie depicts a futuristic Detroit, this was an amalgamation of Dallas and Pittsburgh. The OCP headquarters was actually the famous Dallas City Hall, but was made to look taller with matte paintings.

4.  The Grand Budapest Hotel

Photo via. Showclix

For the majestic setting of this dark comedy, the Görlitzer Warenhaus was used. The production actually saved the beautiful structure from being demolished. The monumental atrium lobby was the main purpose of selecting this location for the movie.

5.  Star Wars’ Yavin IV

Photo via. Twitter

On the fourth moon of Yavin, the Massassi outpost rebel base was shot in a ruin of the Mayan temples. George Lucas actually picked the location from a poster he saw in a travel agency while in London.

6.  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Tribute Training Center

Photo via. Hungergames

The gigantic atrium shown in the movie in the training center was actually at once the largest in the world. This can be visited at the Marriott Marquis Hotel on 265 Peachtree Center Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. The actual living quarters of the tributes in the film was on the 10thfloor.

7.  The Subterranean Pool in 127 Hours

Photo via. CNN

In the beginning of the movie when James Franco meets two hikers and the group takes a dive into a subterranean pool, is actually a hot spring in Homestead Resort, in Utah. The pool may be accessed by anyone but management wouldn’t let you dive in like James Franco, for safety reasons.

8.  The Shining’s Overlook Hotel

The made-for-TV version of this movie was shot at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. The other version was based on the hotel but set in a remake of the scenes in a studio in England called EMI Elstree. The Stanley hotel was also used for Dumb and Dumber in 1994.

9.  The Xavier’s School in X-Men

Photo via. Flickr

The very royal looking school for gifted youngsters in X-Men was actually the Hatley Castle which is located in British Columbia, Canada. The same building was used in all sequels of the movie for exterior purposes.

Another part of the movies was shot at Casa Lomo in Toronto for the exterior scenes of the school for gifted youngsters. The movie sets however were used to shoot indoor scenes in Los Angeles, so they sadly cannot be recreated.