While many members of Generation Y are struggling to find steady work in our nation’s economy, one of Norway’s youngest heirs has been named by Forbes as the world’s youngest male billionaire. Gustav Magnar Witzoe may not be the head of an industry as his father is, but he has dominated social media sites like Instagram. What started as a small fishing business in the early nineties before he was born has now turned into a fishing empire. Thanks to his parent’s hard work, this blonde youngster has inherited billions of dollars at only a quarter century old.

SalMar ASA

Gustav Magnar’s father, Gustav Witzoe, started a small salmon farming business in 1991 called SalMar ASA. In Norway, the fish farming industry has always been booming. Fast forward to 2013 when young Witzoe inherited quite an amount of money for being the son of a mogul, 3.1 billion dollars to be exact.

Image: Instagram

In a recent interview, audiences have been able to dive a little deeper into the life of this 25-year-old. Even though he clearly enjoys luxurious beach vacations, weekends spent in tattoo parlors, and jet skiing with his gorgeous pup, he seems to be fairly business driven like his father. Instead of wanting to be the next CEO in line, he has decided to stick to something he’s passionate about: modeling.

Instagram Famous

The 69,000 followers that digest every bit of grandeur Witzoe posts to his timeline are clearly huge fans. A member of Norway’s Team Models, his photos are shiny with very little imperfection to be seen. With that type of following, he’s become pretty influential as a part of Norway’s celebrity scene.

However, he does seem to be extremely level-headed about his father’s company. He explained in a recent interview with a Norwegian newspaper, “You can’t just demand to be the boss of such a big organization. You have to be suited to it. If there are alternatives, the best man or woman must get the job. There is so much at stake: values, jobs, crucial factors.”

Image: Vaanu

With that being said, we can assume that he understands the type of stress his parents experienced by being CEOs of this company for the past few decades. It is actually quite refreshing to hear a young man who could be in line to take over an organization explain that it should be a position for someone who is the most qualified for the job, even if that person is not him.

What’s In Store For Witzoe?

Gustav has been investing some of his billions wisely by contributing to promising European startups, including a Norwegian Snapchat competitor. His parents seem extremely proud of their son, although Gustav admits that they were a bit skeptical about giving him his inheritance at such a young age.

Image: Akhayar

Whatever the case, this junior mogul seems to be on the right track for a future career in modeling and investing. We just hope he continues to post pictures tropical paradises and snaps of his happy, silly dog!