What if you found out that your most beloved piece of “costume” jewelry was actually worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The person who recently sold a valuable ring has asked to remain anonymous, but her story is certainly worth sharing.

Getting Rid Of Junk

This priceless ring was found over thirty years ago at a car boot sale. (A car boot sale is a British custom, similar to a yard sale, where several vendors get together and sell goods out of the trunks of their cars.)

It was a silver ring with a diamond-like jewel. The ring was tarnished and the jewel was so dirty that it looked more like plastic than a diamond.

Someone Sees A Diamond In The Rough

A woman happened to pass the particular trunk where the ring was being sold. She loved costume jewelry, and she assumed the ring was a piece of costume jewelry.

She loved the old-timey style of the ring, so she bought it for £10. For the next several decades, she cherished her unique ring, and she wore it nearly every day.

Something Changes

With care and cleaning, the ring started to look different over the years. Although the silver was tarnished, it was, after all, a silver ring. It is rare for costume jewelry to be made of silver.

The anonymous owner of the ring decided to get her prized possession appraised. The appraisal was conducted by Sotheby’s, an international company that specializes in luxurious investments, such as fine jewelry and multi-million dollar real estate.

The Results Are In

At first glance, Sotheby’s claimed that the ring was worth £350,000 at the most. As more experts got their eyes on the ring, the value kept rising. The tarnished silver and dull look disappeared with a little cleaning.

The owner decided to allow the ring to be sold through and an auction conducted by Sotheby’s. There, bidders battled over the ring until the final selling price reached £656,750.

Where Did This Ring Come From?

The two previous owners didn’t recognize the ring’s worth. The style of the silver, the size of the diamond, and the brightness of the diamond are all strange when compared to modern jewelry. Appraisers proved the ring was made in the 1800s. The style of the diamond is at the cutting edge of what machines and artisans back in the 1800s would have been able to do. This is not the kind of diamond that could have been purchased in a store back then.

Appraisers think the ring must have belonged to royalty or someone who was extremely rich. If it can be discovered who the ring was originally made for, that person’s celebrity could make the ring even more valuable. Depending on who owned it, this one-of-a-kind ring could even end up in a museum. Who knows what kind of diamonds in the rough might be sitting in your jewelry box?