When it comes to conspiracy theories, the one surrounding the Denver International Airport (DIA) is among the creepiest, thanks in large part to the eerie imagery involved. Much of the controversy and speculation has centered on the supposed symbolism behind some of the airport’s wall murals, statues, and decor that can be found both in and outside the building. Generally, believers of this conspiracy theory share the school of thought that the airport art is riddled in dark, evil plans organized by the Freemasons—often linked to secret societies like the Illuminati—for a New World Order agenda.

Here are some of the supposed hidden, nefarious messages that can be found in the Denver Airport artwork.

Blucifer, The Evil Blue Mustang

One doesn’t have to even enter the walls of the Denver Airport to get a taste for some of the oddly intimidating art pieces theorists refer to. The Blue Mustang statue—nicknamed Blucifer—is strange enough in itself. Aside from the fact that it is blue, it also features demonic red eyes. While the statue was being built, a piece fell on the creator and killed him.


And Blucifer isn’t even the creepiest statue to be erected outside the airport, believe it or not. That honor goes to the statue of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death, which was part of an exhibit of the Denver Art Museum in 2010.


References to the New World Order

Perhaps the most literal example of a display drawing a link between the DIA and the Freemasons is the Masonic capstone placed in the Jeppesen Terminal of the airport. For one, the stone is dedicated to “The New World Airport Commission,” suspiciously similar to the group of Nazis who named themselves the New World Order. Theorists have been able to find no evidence of this “The New World Airport Commission” ever actually existing, though. Also, the capstone is engraved with a well-known Freemasonry symbol of a square and a compass.


The Creepy Use of Children in Mysterious Murals

Ironically named “In Peace and Harmony with Nature,” this is one of the questionable murals located throughout the airport. It depicts a group of children with various decayed plants and animals around them—while the trees and city behind them are flooded by flames. One of the children in the image is clutching a Mayan tablet, which could potentially be a nod to the end of the world.

Another mural, “Children of the World Dream of Peace,” has children holding bundles of weapons covered in various flags. To theorists, this mural reflects people sacrificing their national identities in an effort to establish peace. In another part of this mural, a soldier-type figure reminiscent of a Nazi is stabbing a dove with a scimitar—a short, curved blade that is apparently the official Freemasons symbol. Crying parents are scattered among the soldier.