An island in the Bahamas, Bimini is a part of an islands chain 50 miles east of Miami, Florida. An ancient stone path can be found that’s submerged 20 feet down in the crystal blue waters off the coast known as the Bimini Road.

This stone formation consists of large, flat rocks cut at 90 degrees angle. It seems as if they are purposefully set in straight lines. This mysterious stone path stretches for half a mile and has a pronounced hook at one end.

Several researchers, geologists, scientists, and archeologists have visited and studied the Bimini Road. They have tried to conclude whether or not this stone formation is a natural phenomenon or an evidence of an ancient lost civilization.

The subsea archeologist Joseph Mason Valentine and his diving party first encountered the stone path now called the Bimini Road in 1968. After that numerous divers, researchers, and scientists further visited the place and revealed the existence of two additional linear features lying almost parallel to the mysterious path.

The ancient lost civilization of Atlantis

Another interesting fold of this mystery is the prediction of an American mysticist Edgar Cayce in 1938. According to his prediction, a portion of the temples was yet to be discovered under the slime of ages and seawater near Bimini in 1968 or 1969. The discovery of the enigmatic stone path in 1968 definitely served some purpose as a fulfillment of the prediction that the world will soon know about the history of Atlantis.

The first person to write about Atlantis was the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Plato. His tale in which he refers to the Atlantis as a cursed island illustrates a moral/ spiritual lesson. According to him, excessive pride and abuse of power undid the ancient civilization. It was lost to the seas, never to be found again in the history. Since Plato’s story of Atlantis, many people have tried to find out about the doomed city.

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Is the existence of a buried Atlantis possible?

Since throughout the history several civilizations and people around the world have disappeared from the pages of history after facing tsunamis, volcanic explosions, earthquakes and other natural calamities,  many people insist on believing that Atlantis may have suffered a similar fate. They are hopeful that they might find its existence just like other ancient civilizations took centuries to be rediscovered.

However, skeptics disagree and dismiss the connection between Bimini Road and Atlantis. Conventional geologists collected samples of the Bimini rocks, studied them, and reached the conclusion that it is nothing mysterious but a natural phenomenon. The explanation that they give is that erosion has weathered the beach rock and the tides have scoured and eroded the lines and edges into the stone path – it is nothing unusual as it happens in other locations across the globe. Moreover, regarding the ‘tool marks’ found there, they suggest that they are caused by the chipping of researchers and tourists at the rocks for research or souvenirs.

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Despite what skeptics think, many people are not satisfied with the mainstream theories. A documentary made in 2006 highlighted that some researchers have found another layer of square cut rocks beneath the stones. So, there is a possibility that the stone road is a part of a larger wall or water dock.

Were the stones purposefully placed by an ancient civilization that has suffered an unfortunate fate, or does the credit go to the erosion of rocks?  Like the Bimini Road, the mystery endures!