There are few Hollywood stars more iconic than Marilyn Monroe. The 1950’s and ‘60s sex symbol was arguably the biggest star of her time, and she continues to be a pop culture icon in 2018. People will always love Monroe and her impeccable glamour.

But on August 5, 1962, Monroe’s life was unexpectedly cut short when she was mysteriously discovered dead from an apparent drug overdose. However, many believe she was actually murdered. Are any of the conspiracy theories true?

What We Should Believe

If we lived in a perfect world, no one would question Monroe’s death. The facts are simple. On August 5, 1962, she was found dead in her Los Angeles home of an apparent drug overdose. Empty medicine bottles were found next to her bed. Her death was deemed “suicidal” at the time.


While a drug overdose was a common fate for many stars of the era, her sudden death has raised several questions. For example, the dosages found in her body were several times over the lethal limit.

Was her death accidental, a suicide, or was it a murder?

Murdered By The Kennedys

This is perhaps the juiciest theory. One of the most well-known gossip stories about Monroe was the speculation about her affair with President Kennedy. There were rumors she was also having an affair with Robert Kennedy.


But did the Kennedys murder Monroe because of the rumors? That seems unlikely. But in a 1983 BBC interview, Monroe’s housekeeper, Eunice Murray, clued into the theory.

“Well, of course, Bobby Kennedy was there [on Aug. 4], and of course, there was an affair with Bobby Kennedy,” Murray claimed.


Unfortunately, Robert Kennedy could have had significant knowledge of why and how Monroe died. But here’s the bigger question: Did he kill her himself?

Killed By The Mafia

Another theory suggests Chicago Mafia boss Sam Giancana ordered the mafia to murder Monroe. It’s believed that Giancana arranged Monroe’s first film contract when she arrived in Hollywood. But this was all in exchange for her seduction. He was plotting to later blackmail her for this act.


Giancana grew concerned over what Monroe knew and apparently bugged her house. But did he do much more than that? Thankfully, the recordings from the wiretapping were destroyed in 1966, so we’ll never know if it was Robert Kennedy or Giancana in the house with Monroe on the night of her death.

Other Theories

Other theories suggest the CIA murdered Monroe because she discovered secret intel about Area 51. Others believe her doctors accidentally prescribed her too much medication; therefore, the doctors covered up their mistake as a suicide.

So, what’s the truth? Her autopsy demonstrated that there was no pill residue in her stomach, so she didn’t take any pills. How did she die then? We’ll never know the answer, but theorists will continue to speculate.

But no matter how she died, Monroe’s legacy will continue to live on with new fans. After all, who couldn’t love Marilyn Monroe?

The only celebrity with a more bizarre death is the late, great Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace.