Can Man Really See Into the Future?

Can we predict future events and avoid tragedies? Well, some scientists have started believing we can!

Professor Dick Bierman, a psychologist at the University of Amsterdam is the person behind the paranormal experiments that aim to find out if humans can reallyforesee the future.

He is experimenting with a brain scanner that will well prove whether we can predict the future or not. The patient slips inside the scanner – and it looks no different from a normal health check.

The results suggest that people do have a sixth sense that can help them see the future.

This and other similar studies upon verification might aid in understanding and in explaining the predictive power of mediums and other psychic phenomena, including déjà vu, Extra Sensory Perception, and clairvoyance. Also, on a less interesting level, they may tell about instincts and ‘gut feelings’.  

Professor Bierman is highly confident and convinced that people can actually sense and see the future beforehand. He along with other scientists and paranormal researchers, who have gathered similar results are now focusing on what kind of person is likely to be good at it.  

According to Professor Brian Josephson who is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist from the Cambridge University, the findings are compelling and the information seems to be coming from the future. In physics, it is not clear why you cannot see the future. All the great scientific formulae explaining the working of the world allow information to flow both backward and forwards through time.

After 9/11, strange stories of how some people had changed their minds at the last minute due to vague feelings of unease. Although it was a subtle feeling that nobody found worthy to vocalize, it was enough to convince the people not to board the plane. It is easy to disregard these stories as total coincidences but they actually point to an interesting and deep phenomenon: the subconscious ability to sense the future. People do subconsciously seem to avoid disaster and tragedy – it is the truth!   

Dr. Jessica found the exact same effect. After the Air France Concorde crashed in 2000, one of the crew members confessed that he had an expectation of the accident. All such stories suggest that people receive powerful emotional feelings from the future and not solid information.

The military being fascinated by this phenomenon started funding a secretive programme known as the Stargate to investigate the ability of mediums to forecast the future.

Dr. Dean Radin from the Stargate programme was amazed by how some ‘lucky’ soldiers were able to predict the future. This convinced him that feelings and thoughts, and even little glimpses of the future could guide the soldiers.

Radin performed an experiment and discovered that people reacted a few seconds before they were shown an explicit, violent, or soothing image. This encouraged other researchers to experiment further on this concept. They soon discovered that the same happens with gamblers before they win or lose, and when people terrified of animals are shown those animals.

Since time is an illusion, Professor Bierman decided to prove Einstein’s point that the distinction between the past, present, and future is merely a persistent illusion. He repeated Radin’s experiment while using an MRI scanner to look into the brains of people. He found that people who seem ordinary are good and consistent at sensing the future through feelings. It is possible that gifted people will experience visions of the future.

According to Brian Josephson, we can sense the future but we are yet to establish the mechanism that will allow it to happen.  

So should we listen to our instincts and gut feelings? Well, we may well be doing that every day. We are constantly using the knowledge from the future to make better decisions.