Even though cats have been the muse for artwork and exhibits at museums around the world, one pair of felines have been denied entrance to their local art museum for years. Two persistent and photogenic cats, Ken-chan and Go-chan, have been creating a buzz for their hometown of Onomichi, Japan. For reasons unknown, these two curious cats have been trying their best to enter the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art, no matter how many times they are politely refused admittance.

Curiosity Calls The Cat

During the summer of 2016, the Onomichi City Museum of Art had an exhibition featuring cat photography. When Ken-chan, a local black cat, showed up to check out the art, he was dismayed he was denied entrance.


The museum had artwork featuring cats that were visible behind the glass walls and doors, so this may have intrigued Ken-chan. Whether Ken-chan got his paws on a ticket or not, the feline has been turned away by security every time he makes an effort to get past the sliding doors.

Bringing Backup

After dealing with security guards standing off with him at the front door, Ken-chan decided it was time to enlist some help. Instead of facing off one determined cat trying to check out artwork, now security would deal with Go-chan too, an orange tabby.


People soon discovered video footage of security shooing away the animals as politely as possible, or scooping them up to prevent them from getting into the museum. Every time the cats were thwarted, they would sit outside the museum, staring longingly.

The White Glove Treatment

Despite two cats being better than one, having backup wasn’t enough to get security to change their mind about letting Ken-chan and Go-chan enter the art museum. At first, the guards were more stern about the cats struggling to get into the art museum.


Over time, the cats would be met with cuddles or pats on the head after being refused at the door. The security and staff would look forward to the pair of feline friends trying their best to get in, no matter how many times they failed.

Putting Onomichi On The Map

Onomichi is a small city, but the persistence of Ken-chan and Go-chan to gain admittance to the art museum has gone viral. The Onomichi City Museum of Art has seen a surge in popularity, as visitors look forward to snapping a pic or shooting video of the Internet-famous cats in action.


The museum has capitalized on the cats trying for two years to enter the museum, making a fashionable tote bag in their honor.

Captivating Cat Celebrities

Ken-chan and Go-chan don’t care about being Internet famous, they just really want to get into the Onomichi City Museum of Art badly. A Twitter page has been dedicated to capturing the cats daily activities, as they try and fail day after day to get into the museum. Sympathizers have suggested allowing the pair of cats to get a peek inside the museum finally, but rules are rules.


Even though Ken-chan and Go-chan have bolstered their local art museum’s popularity, it’s better for business that they are not allowed admittance. Officials in the Russian resort town of Zelenogradsk, have extended Ken-chan and Go-chan an invitation to come as guests for a cat celebration in March. The pair may or not be able to make the trip, as they are too focused on getting into that museum once and for all.


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