Flying cars have long been the litmus test for whether or not our society is as technologically advanced by now as all of our 20th-century ancestors hoped it would be. The Jetsons had flying cars. The Back to the Future franchise predicted we’d have flying cars by 2015. Well, technology has finally caught up to fantasy! It’s 2018, and flying cars have hit the market.

What Can It Do?

It is 2018 after all, so, as you could imagine, the first flying car is extremely nice. The Transition, made by Terrafugia, runs of hybrid energy (gas and electric). Even though planes are notorious gas guzzlers, this flying car is extremely fuel efficient.


This is a two-seater car that becomes a two-seater helicopter. When driving it looks very much like a plane with its wings folded in. 

The Futuristic Shows Lied To Us

If you want to see the Transition in action for yourself, watch this videoAs you can see from the video, transitioning from driving to flying isn’t as easy as pressing a button.


If there are air traffic control regulations in your country, you have to contact air traffic control before you can go airborne with your own personal helicopter. It would be disastrous if there was an airborne accident between two planes. Drivers also need to inspect their cars to ensure that all the flying parts have properly deployed and that the wings are intact before taking off. Even if you have your own flying car, flying is a very serious activity. 

What Kind Of License Do You Need To Drive One?

The Terrafugia Transition is considered to be a light sports aircraft, which is great for people who want to drive one and don’t already have a pilot’s license. The FAA gives different types of pilot’s license, and the kind for this type of plane is called a sports license.


To get this type of license, you need an FAA approved medical exam and a twenty-hour flying course. Next, you have to take a written test and a flying test. A 17-year-old who meets these requirements could get a Terrafugia Transition as his or her first car. 

How To Buy A Transition

The cars are will be sold on preorder in late October to mid-November of 2018. Then, at the beginning of 2019 all of the fortunate first buyers will have their Transitions shipped out to their homes. Although the price hasn’t been officially announced this will likely be one expensive vehicle.


It runs on hybrid power, it’s made by a company associated with Volvo, and it’s the first flying car! Various internet sources have offered estimates on the price, and some are as high as $280,000. If these Transitions take off (pun intended) the next generation of teenaged drivers will need to get a driver’s license and a pilot’s license before they can hit the road.