Countless unverified conspiracy theories continue living today with differing degrees of fame, often related to secret government campaigns and creepy murder plots.

Read about some of history’s top conspiracies here moving from least to most popular ones.


The theorists of Chemtrail conspiracy think that some contrails consisting condensed water vapors or ice crystals seen behind aircrafts, come from chemicals or other organic agents intentionally showered at high altitude for some secret reason.

Global warming is a swindle

A number of climate-change skeptics believe that global warming is a man-made conspiracy intended to pose people to higher tax rates, control people’s lifestyle, and make the government more authoritative.  

The Aids virus is lab-made

Taking Dr William Campbell Douglass’s theories as the base, several people think that in 1974, HIV was genetically produced by the World Health Organization (WHO). Some claim that it was invented by the CIA or the KGB as a way to reduce world population.


Conspiracy theorists believe that the HAARP project, which was legitimately a giant experimentation to heat the ionosphere with radio waves, is only a mace to overthrow aircraft and missiles by stimulating parts of the environment and cause earthquakes.

Plastic coffins and concentration camps

There are 500,000 plastic coffins outside Atlanta, Georgia and they are supposedly by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Conspiracy theorists suppose that FEMA has set up numerous concentration camps in the US to impose a state of martial law and to kill millions of Americans.

The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

A popular conspiracy theory amongst Muslims is that the tsunami was caused by an Indian nuclear experiment which had Israeli and American nuclear experts as its major participants.


Photo via. Dr. Mercola

There is some proof that there are harmful effects of fluoride and conspiracy theorists suppose that this fact is known by those who add fluoride to different things, but they are persistent with the practice anyway.

The Philadelphia experiment

It is believed by conspiracy theorists that it was amid an experiment in October 1943 at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard that the US Navy destroyer Eldridge was made invisible. According to some supporters, the experimenters discovered a way to turn light around an item but the experiment went terribly wrong and Eldridge was escalated through space and time, recurring at the sea.

Pearl Harbor was permitted to happen

Photo via. Historynet

President Franklin Roosevelt forced the Japanese assault on the US naval base in Hawaii in December 1941. He put his failure undercover to warn his fleet commanders, say the conspiracy theorists.

The peak oil conspiracy

The theorists think that peak oil is a fictional story made by the oil industries to raise oil prices using the future supplies concern.

The protocols of the Elders of Zion

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This “anti-Semitic fabricated text” describes a new member of the “elders” stating how they will rule the world by taking charge of media and finance, and replacing the conventional social order with an order based on mass manipulation.

Harold Wilson was a Soviet agent

Soviet traitor Anatoliy Golitsyn is said to have asserted that Wilson was a KGB scout. He further declared that Hugh Gaitskell was murdered by the KGB to replace him with Harold Wilson as Labor leaders.

Black or unmarked helicopters

Photo via. Above top Secret

Rumors say that the United Nations patrolled the US with black helicopters or perhaps it was the federal agents who used black helicopters to enforce wildlife laws. A comparable conspiracy theory known as “phantom helicopters” has been reported in Britain amid 1970s. This idea links phantom helicopters to UFOs and alien invasion instead of the martial law.

The Moscow apartment bombings

The Russian government and security services’ whistle-blowers along with Former GRU officer Aleksey Galkin and former FSB officer the late Alexander Litvinenko have claimed that the 1999 Russian apartment building bombings were done by the FSB, the KGB’s successor. It was done to defend the second Russian war against Chechnya.

The July 7, 2005 Tube bombings

Photo via. Dialyasianage

Theorists claim that the image used in the news presenting the bombers entering Luton station is fake and the guy in the white hat, Mohammed Sidique Khan, was electronically placed in the picture after it was taken.

Paul is dead

“Paul is dead” is a built-up myth with says that Paul McCartney lost his life in a car collision in 1966 and was substituted by a look-and-sound-alike.

The disappearance of Shergar

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25 years after he was kidnapped from Ballymany, the mystery of exactly what happened to Jim Fitzgerald, the stud’s head groom, after he was taken on 8thFebruary 1983 is still here.

One tale says that the IRA kidnapped the horse for Gadaffi in exchange of weapons while another claims that the New Orleans mafia carried him away.

Shakespeare was somebody else

There is a very little biographical information about William Shakespeare which makes many theorists believe that perhaps the acclaimed dramatist of the Elizabethan era was in fact, not Shakespeare himself but someone else entirely!

North American Union

Photo via. Mexico News Daily

Theorists believe that the three countries i.e. Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. are planning for a universal conspiracy to establish the  New World Order (NWO).


MK-ULTRA is thought to be the secret name for a stealthy mind-control and chemical interrogation research program carried by the Office of Scientific Intelligence. Conspiracy theorists affirm that MK-ULTRA was the culprit for several so-called black-ops including Lawrence Teeter.

Operation Northwood

Photo via. JFKfacts

This is a genuine conspiracy which involved a plan by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to launch a counterfeit Cuban terror campaign on American soil to influence the US public to support an attack against Castro.

Elvis Presley faked his own death

There is an unrelenting belief that “the King” was not dead in 1977. Several people believe that he is still alive and went into hiding for several reasons.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was murdered

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This theory says that the British secret service thought that Diana’s relationship with Fayed was a risk to the royal family and ultimately to the British state and so she was murdered.

The Jesus conspiracy

Those who trust and support this theory say that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had one or more children, and that those kids or their offspring immigrated to southern France.

The Illuminati and the New World Order

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This is a conspiracy theory which says that strong and mysterious groups (the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, and other shadowy cabals) are scheming to rule mankind with a single world government.

NASA faked the moon landings

Those who believe that the Apollo Moon Landings were far different than what they seemed to be also believe that NASA forged some or perhaps all of the moon landings. This is deemed a conspiracy.

A flying saucer crashed at Roswell in 1947

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In recent years, there have been claims that there was a colossal military operation devoted to recuperating aliens which resulted in this crash. The theory has been fueled by the US military

The assassination of John F Kennedy

The government concluded that the president had been killed by Lee Harvey Oswald who was himself shot dead by Jack Ruby while he was in police custody. A lot of people, however, believe that several shots were fired by gunmen hiding behind a fence on a green hill hovering over the plaza.

September 11, 2001

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Despite repeated claims that the Al-Qaeda made, confirming that it planned and organized the attacks, several video recordings of the event itself say that structural failure was accountable for the tragedy. The theories continue to grow in power.

We can’t be sure if these theories surprise you but they sure left usstunned!