If you ever dreamt about walking among the clouds, crossing the world’s longest suspension bridge for pedestrians may be the closest experience. Located in the Swiss Alps, the Charles Kounen bridge was built to allow hikers a shorter commute through the glorious beauty of the trees and mountains along the Europaweg, a two-day hike thru-hike. Hikers near Randa or Zermatt should have nerves of steel, before trekking to this bridge for some breathtaking views.

Dare To Skywalk

Usually, people have to travel by airplane to get a bird’s eye view of their world. If you are daring enough to hike across the Charles Kounen bridge in Switzerland, you are in for a rare treat. The world’s largest suspension bridge connects Grächen to Zermatt and is perched high above deep and picturesque valleys.


This steel bridge cost 750,000 Swiss Francs, measures 494 meters long, and was erected in 10 weeks by engineers at Lauber Cableways and Swissrope. The pedestrian suspension bridge gives hikers a unique presentation of the Matterhorn and Weisshorn, provided that traveling at a dizzying height doesn’t trigger any intense nausea or the shakes. The path along this bridge is a narrow 65 centimeters wide, so pedestrians have to take care when passing by others.

One Lofty Commute

Hikers can bypass a lengthy four-hour commute or longer, and enjoy the unrivaled view of the Swiss Alps via the Charles Kounen bridge. After rock falls destroyed the previous bridge for pedestrians, this new construction was built between 1,600 to 2200 meters above sea level to ensure longevity. At the apex of the bridge, hikers will manage to stand some 86 meters above the ground, with a death-defying drop below.


Adrenaline junkies and enthusiastic outdoor lovers will get a buzz from walking along a skyway with such gorgeous surroundings. Pedestrians who feel a bit timid when crossing are encouraged not to look down, but to focus on the beautiful sky and mountain tops, or keep their eyes on the people in front of their path until they get across. The Charles Kounen pedestrian bridge is sure to be a tourist attraction for its stunning views, but also for beating out China’s glass-bottomed 430-meter long bridge built across the Zhangjiajie Canyon for the record books.

Peak Level Views That Drop Jaws

The Europaweg is considered one of the most scenic hikes in the Swiss Alps by many, and only takes two-days to hike. Crossing the Charles Kounen bridge may require having little to no fear of heights, as the bridge is surrounded by a see-through grating so that you won’t miss out on a thing. Pedestrians can use the bridge for free, which is open from June to November.


Anyone who is prone to vertigo might want to forge a different path between landmark locations while traveling in the Alps. If you would do anything to capture a viral-worthy, once-in-a-lifetime selfie, you’ll definitely want to add crossing this bridge to your bucket list.