Miami has long been known as a city of wealth and excess, but a new installation in a Miami Beach condo kicks luxury into high gear. This guy loved his $1.5 million Pagani Zonda R sports car so much; he had it suspended from the ceiling right in the middle of his beachfront condo.

Photo via. Fendi

The condo’s owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, sees the Italian supercar the same as any other piece of art. According to the designer in charge of this undertaking, Paulo Bacchi, “he said that people go to Art Basel and spend $5 million on paintings to hang on their wall, so why not put his passion on his wall?”

We couldn’t agree more. If you have the cash to blow, why not put a beautiful sports car right in the middle of your house? The 800lb carbon fiber body of the car is suspended in mid-air and serves as a dividing wall between the living room and master bedroom. Thankfully, the 6 liter V12 Mercedes-AMG engine, which throttles the Zonda R to speeds up to 218 mph and goes from 0-60 in less than 3 seconds, was removed before installation.

Photo via. Porsche- Design- Tower- CNN

Brazilian interior design firm, Artefacto, which has a strong presence in the Miami luxury scene was commissioned to carry out the design of this car condo. The colors of the walls, furniture, and lighting inside the Fendi Chateau Residence condo were all specially designed to complement the sports car.

Photo via. Gil-Dezer

In order to install the car, its owner hired the firm Finish My Condo to remove the floor-to-ceiling glass panels that look out to the ocean to hoist the vehicle up to the fifth-floor condo with a crane.

Photo via. Finish My Condo

This anonymous auto aficionado isn’t the only Miami resident with a taste for expensive vehicles. The luxury real estate developer, Gil Dezer, loves Porsches so much that he decided to bring one into his home as well. The billionaire, real estate mogul, had his three-story beachfront residence outfitted with his favorite 1950 Porsche Spyder 550, mounted directly on the wall. Luckily he owns seven more Spyder 550s that he can drive to the store without deconstructing his home.

Photo via. Finish My Condo

Dezer’s love for Porsche doesn’t end there either. Back in 2014, he partnered with the luxury auto brand and began construction on the Porsche Design Tower. The 641 ft tall skyscraper located right on the beach in Sunny Isles, Florida is home to a car elevator that allows residents to drive directly up to their front door, even if that front door is 60 floors above the street.