Do you know the holy trinity of cryptozoology?

There is the gigantic Bigfoot, the reptilian Loch Ness Monster, and the legendary Chupacabra. While we have a vague idea of what the first two monsters look like, the image of the third one is still blurry.

Why is that so? It is because even though people unanimously believe that the Spanish ‘goat-sucker’ was spawned in exotic Puerto Rico, the verdict is still not out on what it exactly looks like.

Is it a large wild dog with a lizard-like tongue? Is it a big reptile that hops like a kangaroo? We have no clue how to identify fact from fabrication.

Photo via. Chupacabra Wiki

The only concrete fact everyone agrees on is that its vampire-like fangs devour the blood of livestock. It’s basically a Dracula for sheep.

However, this mystery might finally be resolved as there have been multiple sightings in Paraguay about a beast that resembles the chupacabra, terrorizing the farms in several districts.

The Story

Before the monster was actually spotted there had already been a string of sheep killings worrying the farmers in the area. They were under the assumption that a serial sheep-killer was on the loose, but this wasn’t a murder spree that could summon up an FBI investigation could it?

So they blamed some innocent coyote and wolves scouting the area. This was until their enemy was spotted one night by a certain Francisco Molinas, who was alerted by his dog that there was something fishy going on in the barn.

Photo via. Daily Mail

When Mr. Molinas entered the shed he stumbled upon the dead body of his precious sheep. What bothered him were two things, one that there was no spilled blood, the other being that there were puncture marks on the lifeless creature.

He used his flashlight to search the murderer that is when he saw a brown bug-like creature looking back at him in the corner of the shed. The farmer raised a cry and started shooting the ‘bug’ to avenge his sheep. Yet, the bloodthirsty savage beast continued feeding on stock unaffected by the gunshots.

After the event the farmer gave this statement:

‘’I did not believe in this before, but now that I’ve seen, I know there’s a chupacabra.’’

The Evidence

The news spread like wild-fire and there were other sightings of the 5 ft long, red-eyed beast around the area. The ranchers had started arming themselves with ‘blessed bullets’ to hunt down the demonic creature that ate their sheep.

Photo via. Chupacabra Wiki

Meanwhile in the center of Paraguay, another town called Pirity was raging war against a beast that had been killing their livestock. Now, these residents might not have seen the killer, but they had tracked down unidentified footprints left at the murder site that all pointed to the chupacabra.

Well that and an appetite of 30 sheep in a single attack!

Now is this the story of a real sighting of the chupacabra or of a town that’s crying wolf?

You be the judge!