Every corner of our planet has some of the most bizarre and mysterious places that science and people can’t explain. All you can do is be left awe-struck and wonder about it.

Here are some of the most talked about and inexplicable places found on planet earth.

Bermuda Triangle

Photo via. Big Think

If you are talking about mysterious places and not include the famous Bermuda Triangle then it would be a great disservice to this list. Mentioned a lot in movies, news and magazines, this is an area where hundreds of boats, ships and even planes have disappeared into.

The first person to record its existence was none other than Christopher Columbus. He noted that his ship’s compass stopped working as soon as he got near the area. People say that there is something paranormal about the place, but scientist believe it could be something else such as a gravitational pull in the ocean that sucks everything in.

Lake Anjikuni – Nunavut, Canada

Photo via. Historic Mysteries

This area is known to swallow people and even entire villages—never to be seen again! It is also known as the Village of the Dead. It is a well recorded fact that over 20 men, women and children vanished without a trace in the 1950s. Previously an entire village was vanished circa 1587.

Similar occurrences of people vanishing have happened near this lake so much so that it is now famously known as the Village of the Dead. There are many urban legends about this place such as vampires, ghosts and even aliens residing here!

South Atlantic Anomaly – Atlantic Ocean

Photo via. www.bibliotecapleyades.net

This seems like another version of the Bermuda Triangle, but the difference is that it’s in space and right above the waters of Brazil. This area of airspace has caused many problems in the past. It is the spot where the Earth’s radiation band known as the Van Allen belt comes too close to the surface. It causes disruptions in the satellites and astronauts are banned to any spacewalks here. Astronauts have also reported seeing shooting stars whenever they have entered this area.

Point Pleasant – West Virginia 

This area got famous in the 60s by a rumor of a seven-foot red-eyed creature residing here. Some people say it’s another version of Bigfoot, while others say it resembles a man. This creature/man came to be famously known as the Mothman. However, when the local bridge collapsed and ended up killing 46 people, the Mothman was never to be seen again.

Superstition Mountains – Phoenix, Arizona

Photo via. Glenn Peterson Photography

This is a true story reminiscent of the search for the lost city of El Dorado. The story goes that a man named Jacob Waltz found a large gold mine here around the early 19th century. He never told the whereabouts to anyone else and ever since then many expeditions have been made to find it but all in vain.

Nazca lines – Peru

Photo via. Machu Travel Peru

The Nazca lines were large drawings on sand circa 500-200 BC by the Nazca civilization. Archeologists still don’t know what they mean. These mysterious drawings are of animals, plants and geometric shapes.

Strange, right? Who knows what other mysterious places there are on this planet and if we will ever be able to uncover them.

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