The small island of Barbados is filled with tan-skinned tourists, white sand beaches, and acres of botanical gardens. But hidden among the undeniable beauty is a haunting crypt that locals call the Chase Vault. The history of this dark tomb is eerie, to say the least, and it has spawned dozens of creepy stories, all based on factual information from the 1800s. Whether you regularly dip your toe into the world of the paranormal or not, the facts around this story are indisputable. And they are extremely, extraordinarily disturbing.

History Of The Chase Vault

A family with the surname Chase resided in a lovely Barbados neighborhood in the early 1800s. They made the smart decision of purchasing a crypt in order to keep all of their passed loved ones together in one sealed area. The first two family members to sadly enter the tomb were the young daughters of the Chase family. Their father, Thomas Chase, joined them in death less than a month later. However, the untimely deaths were just the beginning.


After each coffin was placed in the crypt, it would be sealed up until it was needed again. When Thomas’s coffin was brought into the vault, onlookers experienced a hair-raising feeling. The daughter’s extremely heavy lead coffins were tossed about the ground- one was even standing straight up, propped against one of the cement walls. It was a terrifying discovery! Living family members rearranged the coffins back into their original places. But it didn’t end there. Each time a family member passed and entered their final resting place, the coffins would be scrambled and jumbled about the crypt.

Nefarious Activity

Word quickly spread about the strange goings-on at the Chase Vault. Locals would gather with the family to unseal the tomb each time in order to witness the chaos that had inevitably occurred. In 1819, local officials decided to set up an experiment to truly discover what was going on in this mysterious tomb. They spread sand across the floor and sealed it up tightly, expecting the activity was due to vandals that would leave their footprints. A year later, the tomb was unsealed. The sand was undisturbed. But the coffins were tossed about yet again. Officials were left scratching their heads.


Over the next few years, officials bumped up security. They resealed the seals with heavier reinforcers. They added layers upon layers of concrete, making it impossible for anyone to attempt to break in. However, the activity continued. Eventually, the community agreed that the tombs should be moved to a different location. Once the bodies were removed, all eerie occurrences stopped.

Proposed Explanations

The story of the Chase Vault has been passed down for generations. Some details have been exaggerated for the sake of a good story over a crackling fire. However, some fascinating possible explanations have been proposed over the decades. Some believe that it was clearly paranormal activity, a display of unrest from the deceased Chase family members. Others are a bit more skeptical.


Those who roll their eyes at ghost stories believe that the chaos could have been caused by flooding. Although an interesting theory, no other subterranean tombs were disturbed by any flooding. Additionally, the coffins were entirely too heavy to float. Whatever the case, the crypt’s history is a fascinating one. And if you’re thinking about planning your next vacation to Barbados, make sure you stop by the vault. It’s still there, mesmerizing visitors and locals alike.

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