It was the early morning hours of March 24th, 1998. Amy Bradley swayed to the bass line of a song performed by Blue Orchid, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship’s dance club band. This ship was heading through the dark waters to Curaçao. Yellow, the nickname of one of the band members, sat alongside Bradley at a table and also enjoyed the end of the evening. Little did he know, he would be on of the last people to see Amy before she disappeared into the night.

Amy Lynn Bradley: The Final Glimpse

On this cruise along with Amy were her parents, Ron and Iva, and her brother Brad. Ron later explained to investigators that he had noticed his daughter asleep on the cabin balcony between 5:15 and 5:30 AM. Wanting to let her get some much-needed sleep, he did not wake her. By 6:00 AM, she was gone.

Direct Expose

The disappearance was reported to the ship’s crew before it ever docked in Curacao. Ron hoped to trap whoever had taken Amy on the ship itself. Unfortunately, the ship was docked before the inspection began. No trace was ever found of Amy on the boat or the surrounding waters.

The Curacao Theory

Over the decades, there have been a few individuals claiming sightings of Amy in the tropical oasis of Curacao. Two tourists thought to have witnessed someone resembling her on the beach or in a brothel in 1998 and 1999, respectively. Later, in 2005, a woman reported seeing Amy in a department store in Barbados.


None of these supposed sightings ever panned out. The strangest, and creepiest, bit of information shared with the Bradley family came in 2005 as well. A photo of an alleged sex worker was emailed to her parents. The image had been taken from an adult website by a member of an organization trained to spot sex trafficking victims. Although it could not be proved for certain, the face of the woman in the image looked strikingly similar to Amy.

Sex Trafficking Nightmare?

Thousands of victims are captured and sold into sex slavery annually. Could Amy have been another victim of this vicious system? Some theorists say yes. It has even been suggested that the crew on the ship could have known more about her disappearance than they previously let on. Regardless of the conjecture, no new actual leads have popped up since 2005.


By all accounts, Amy was a kind, vibrant, 23-year-old woman with a bright future ahead. Whatever tragedy took place that night has left the Bradley family in the dark and broken-hearted for over 20 years. A $250,000 reward has been offered by the family for any information leading to the recovery of Amy Lynn Bradley. The FBI has also offered a reward for her location. Anyone with information regarding Amy or any details surrounding her disappearance is urged to contact the authorities. As of now, this cold case still remains a mystery.