The world has a lot of interesting tales to tell about the wildlife. If you are into weird and bizarre stuff, you will love these hard-to-believe animal stories!

1. The Greenland shark may live 500 years

Caption via. Sci-news

The Greenland shark has been found to be the longest-lived vertebrate in the world. It lives in the cold, deep waters of the North Atlantic and can live for at least 272 years to as long as 500 years! Can you believe it?

2. White giraffe spotted

Photo via. ABC news

Have you ever imagined a giraffe in a color other than its original one? No? We thought so! Well, an extremely rare white giraffe was spotted with her herd in Tanzania‘s Tarangire National Park.

The scientists at the New Hampshire-based wildlife research group Wild Nature Institute originally reported the newborn Masai giraffe calf in 2015. Later, a tour guide named her ‘Omo’ after a well-known local brand of detergent.  

Omo has a genetic condition called leucism, which causes her skin cells do not produce pigmentation, while her soft tissues, like her dark eyes, do.

3. Jasper the ‘skiing cat’ in action

Photo via. National Geographic

Jasper is the popular ‘skiing cat’ of Norway. The three-year-old mixed breed loves skiing with his owner Aina Stormo. He is an adorable adventure cat that loves winter activities and has become an internet sensation. There are multiple YouTube videos of him exploring the forests, swimming, hanging out with horses, and going on ski trips. Jasper even goes cross-country skiing in the snowy areas.

4. Caterpillar finds friends by drumming its anus

A masked birch caterpillar literally busts his butts when looking to find new friends. It was already known that these caterpillars rub their hair on their rear ends against a leaf, aiming to create vibrations for communication.

However, recent research has suggested that these pepper-grain-size insects drum their anus to invite young caterpillars to join their silken shelters.  

5. Arctic foxes grow their own gardens

Photo via. National Geographic

Have you ever seen the colorful dens the Arctic foxes live in? You perhaps will not believe if we say that they build their garden-covered dens themselves.

The credit of providing oases in the tundra goes to these colorful dens! Each den accommodates 8 to 10 pups on average, while sometimes the number reaches as high as 16. With so many foxes living together, it makes sense where they get all the nutrients from for their dens. The nutrients are a combination of urination, defecation, and leftover kills.

The Arctic foxes deposit these nutrients in and around their underground dens. As a result, an explosion of fresh green grass, yellow wildflowers, and diamond leaf willows occur! The colorful dens serve as the only hint of color in the gray landscape.

6. Two-headed sharks are showing up

Photo via. Youtube

Although it seems far from reality, two-headed sharks do exist – and they are increasingly popping up now! Spanish researchers once found an embryo of an Atlantic saw tail catshark with two heads. Several similar species have been discovered since.

Possibly overfishing is reducing the gene pool, causing genetic abnormalities. Hence, the turning up of more two-headed sharks!

These are some of the strangest animal stories which the Earth has to offer!