The world is full of strange places, where the most terrifying phenomenon have occurred and the reasons of which still remain unexplained.

Here are five creepiest stories that are bound to give you goosebumps!   

The Enfield Poltergeist

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The Enfield haunting is one of the most terrifying stories. A number of unusual phenomena were reported and witnessed by the family, neighbors, investigators, and journalists in 1977 and 1978. The furniture would move around in the house on its own, knocking sounds with no apparent sources were heard, electrical equipment broke down leaving the batteries draining, people were reportedly thrown into the air, and Janet the 11-year-old girl living in the house was even seen to rise above her bed in the air.

Janet used to speak in a voice most incongruous to a girl her age. Apparently, it was a previous owner of the house, Bill Wilkins who had died of a brain hemorrhage in a chair downstairs, who used to speak through her.   

Toys ‘R’ Us in Sunnyvale

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Many strange things have occurred in this toy store since the 1970s. Some of which include the staff hearing whispers of their names, cold breezes, and objects moving on their own without the help of human hands. Moreover, taps would turn on by themselves in the bathroom and the female staff even experienced something unseen playing with their hair.

During a séance at the store for the shooting of a TV show that was documenting the haunting, a photograph taken with an infrared sensitive camera showed a standing figure at the back who nobody remembered seeing. Also, other cameras failed to capture the figure.

The possible reason behind these paranormal activities was Johnny Johnson, who used to work on the old farm on which the store has been built. In 1884, he accidentally struck himself with an ax and bled to death.

Human combustion

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Hundreds of similar human combustion cases have been reported, which no one could explain. Usually, an entirely burnt human torso is seen with only a small charred area. Often the limbs are found scorched yet intact.

In 1986, the remains of a retired firefighter George Matt was found in his NY apartment. His skull had been shrunken and only his legs and pieces of ribcage were found.

Another case involved the combustion of Mary Hardy Reeser, while she was sitting in a chair in her Florida home. A shrunken skull, some bones, and one slipper-wearing foot were discovered.  

The Baltic Sea Object

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Some years ago, a strange thing was found on the seabed of Sweden by a professional wreck-location and diving company called Ocean X.

The ‘thing’ is unusually circular in shape with grooves in its surface. Several explanations have been put forward since then. Some claim it is a sunken alien spacecraft. Others presented more rational ideas, such as it could be an anti-submarine device from World War II or a battleship gun turret, or something dropped by a fishing trawler. Some even point out its similarity to the Millennium Falcon.

However, it could also simply be a natural formation of unusual rock – nobody knows anything for certain!

These are some of the world’s most strange and mysterious phenomena, which nobody has been able to explain till date.