“Forms that look human… but certainly are not human”  -Robinson Jeffers

Monterey County’s infamous poet, Robinson Jeffers speaks about the mute phantoms that haunt the scenic mountain range in California.

What can be spookier than the grave symbols of his verses?  

It is the fact that countless men and women have actually witnessed these tall, dark and not-so-handsome entities atop the peaks of Santa Lucia.

Is this for real? We were as baffled as you are!

Therefore, we shoveled our way through the folklore, literary depictions, and real stories to find out the truth.

Here is what we found:

This is a ‘tale as old as time’

Photo via. Wishtoyo Foundation

During our investigation, we found that the stories of the Dark Watchers have been passed around in the area for centuries.

The native tribes of the county called them ‘The Old Ones’.  The Chumash Tribe believed that these solemn beings were said to be guarding the coastlines against approaching invaders. Even the soldiers and voyagers that invaded the land tell the tales of these dark ominous figures seen in the mountainous region.

Dementor’s or something like that

Either we are seriously demented or we found the muse of J.K Rowling’s enigmatic creation.

Why do we say that?

This is because they are described as immortal beings, as cloaked figures that silently hover about the area. That sounds like a dementors’ description to us! They also wear ‘broad-rim hats’ which means they might be a group of traveling British beings. (Did the colonizers leave behind supernatural spies?)

Photo via. Earth Porm

Do they have vampire-like tendencies

Previously the Dark Watchers were spotted in the wee hours of the night, between dawn and dusk. This meant that they were either obligated to watch in the night or they were afraid of the sunlight like the vampires. However, with time they seem to have been shedding off their nocturnal habits and roaming about in the daylight too.

The original modern sightings were recorded in the 1960s. Back then a high school teacher saw this suspicious figure looming about in the woods on his hunting expedition. However, he couldn’t get a good look because the being ‘dissolved’ after the teacher called after him.

After that, there were multiple encounters from the 1990s to 2000s of these strange figures seen surveying the coastlines in silence.


According to this report, two friends saw them after their car stopped in the middle of Moreno Valley:

‘’We started to distinctly see what looked like black shadows, evenly distributed completely encircling us, they did not move, they stayed motionless but were of significant size’’

Another pair of friends exchanged their experience when they were driving past the mountain range in the middle of the day. Though Elizabeth saw the ‘grim reaper’ first, she didn’t make a sound thinking it was a hallucination or trick of the light. However, when her friend described the same creature that had just ‘disappeared’ they went back over to catch a glimpse of it again.

What do you think? Is this an optical illusion or a supernatural blessing or simply fiction?