Do you know the name of the most fascinating ancient civilization to exist?

The Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians may have been dominating our history books but it is the Mayan civilization that has taken over every historian’s time. This is because everyone wants to know how the Mayans knew what they knew.

Who are the Mayans?

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The old civilization was located in the tropical area of present-day Guatemala. However as their community thrived, they expanded their lands northward to where Mexico lies now.

The Mayans are deemed to be the greatest and possibly the most advanced civilization to exist in the ancient world. They grew in power in the sixth century and mysteriously lost it down the line by the ninth century.

We have scriptures, art, and architecture to prove that they existed but we have no cause to explain why they don’t anymore.

If they did still live among us, wouldn’t they be the superpowers of the world?

What do we know about them?

These are the snippets of information that the archeologists have dug up from the buried secrets of the Mayan race:

The Belief

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The Mayans are known to be very superstitious and this is why their history is splashed with sacrificial blood. The walls and carvings found from the archeological sites depict gruesome sacrifices in honor of gods and goddesses that they worshipped.

Why did they want to please the gods? Like all other civilizations, the bloodletting and killings might have been done to gain power and blessings from the divine beings above.

The Games

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The Mayan grounds were filled with ball courts where the residents played ‘pok a tok’. The game involved the player rolling the ball with the help of their bodies to a hoop-like structure in the air.

Unlike, our harmless ball games, this game ended with a sacrifice. But of whom, that is uncertain. Some believe that the winners got the honor to spill blood and ascend to the afterlife. Yet, others think that killing the losers is a more practical end to the game.

How else would the competitive spirit be kept alive?

The Life They Lived

Additionally, we also know that:

  • The Mayan residents thrived on crops and irrigations
  • They had the habit of upgrading their architecture due to political changes
  • They carved and painted glyphs in stone to record tales
  • They had a precise calendar that lasted till 2012 (Yes, they caused the dreaded end-of-world mania about that year)

The Enigma

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Their unexplainable disappearance makes them the most intriguing civilization known to man. Hence, every historian wants to unearth the cause of their destruction.

After all, how can the so-called ‘geniuses’ of ancient time just vanish from existence?

Some say:

  • They killed themselves in tribal wars
  • Wiped out due to flood or famine
  • Drained out their resources due to overpopulation

However, these are all mere hypotheses.

The unspeakable truth still lies within the walls of the ancient pyramids. We just don’t know how to decode it yet.