What is more believable the existence of Bigfoot or the string theory?

It is interesting to note that although both theories have no tangible proof people still cling to the strings more than the Bigfoot for mathematical equations sound more concrete than the rumored sightings of an apelike man walking amidst us.

Cryptozoologist scoff at your vague logic to deny one thing and accept another, for they believe that someday they will be able to find enough evidence to show the world that the chupacabras and Bigfoots do exist and are real as the lion you saw at the zoo.

Photo via. Ancient Origins

Now whether you believe their theories or not, there has been a new discovery on the matter of the giant Sasquatch as a historical photo from 1894 resurfaced in the media. This incident has raised a lot of eyebrows and the zoologists have a lot of following up questions regarding the picture.

Before we rain down these inquiries on you let us get some facts straight:

The Photograph

The photo features the huge hairy body of a Sasquatch lying on his back, you can see his hairy arms, but the legs have been cropped out, even the hairy face is too blurry to gauge any details. Yet in his snowy deathbed, among the trees of British Columbia, we see proof that such a creature did exist.

According to sources, the Bigfoot was shot by mountain men hiking around the area, seeing the astounding object target of their shot; they left no time in photographing the body. We have no claims to know if the body was hunted deliberately or the hunters defended themselves when they saw a disturbance near their cabins.

Is the picture legit? Well from the old brown residue and the crack near the top, it does seem like an authentic old photograph that got blurred by time.

The Back

Photo via. Ancient Origins

Like many old photos, the back of this one had some writing too, it gives details like:

  • Year: 1894
  • Location: Yaikom River, Lilliot B.C
  • Area:  Forestry owned by Hudson Bay Company
  • Photographer: Glass Slate Photography

Other than that the writing retells the incident of how a man name Guy Holiday stole this photo and then returned it back, plus there is the indication that more than one photo of the Bigfoot existed in the collection.

Questions, questions and more questions

Photo via. dailymail.co.uk

After the photo was rediscovered, many people related to cryptozoology started questioning some of the facts surrounding the photograph; the vague answers have led them to believe that this image was intentionally hidden from the general public.

Some of the questions are:

  • Why did the huntsman in the 80s never warn others about this threatening beast that was living in the area?
  • Where did the dead body disappear? Did the huntsman dissect it? Did it decompose naturally? Was the head stuffed up and exhibited by the leader?
  • Is the defacto government of the Hudson Company involved in the mystery of the Bigfoot?

We wonder if Bigfoot’s existence has been covered up to protect the beast or keep a more sinister secret locked up in the sands of time.