A grimy, unscathed road in the center of the sterile Nevada desert leads to the front gate of Area 51.

The area is secured with a chain-link reference, a bang gate, and scary infringement signs.

Away from the gate of America’s much mysterious, undercover military base, there are cameras that can see every area.

The people over there say that the base is aware of every desert creature and insect that climbs/touches the fence. Some even claim that embedded sensors are installed in the leading road.

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Area 51 has been wildly speculated for ages now. One of the most famous speculations is that related to the aliens, of course

For all the rumors, myths, and folklore, one thing that is true is that Area 51 is existent and very much active. There may or may not be aliens or a moon-landing movie set inside…hardly anyone knows of what’s going on deep down that highly-protected, desolate Nevada road.

An aerospace historian and author Peter Merlin says:

“The forbidden aspect of Area 51 is what makes people want to know what’s there. And there sure is still a lot going on there.”

The Genesis of a Mystery

The development of the U-2 reconnaissance craft is what the beginning of Area 51 is directly related to. Creating a near-intelligence blackout, the Soviet Union rolled down the Iron Curtain covering themselves and the whole Eastern bloc after World War II. In June 1950, when they backed North Korea’s attack on South Korea, it was very clear that the influence of Kremlin will greatly increase.

The intentions, ability, and technology of the USSR which could make them launch a sudden attack was the thing that worried America.

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U.S. Navy and Air Force shot a low-flying craft over the USSR in the early 1950s putting themselves at the risk of being shot down. President Eisenhower permitted the covert development of a reconnaissance craft with a called the U-2 program in November 1954. The first step purpose was to find a remote, covert location for training and experimentation for which Groom Lake in southern Nevada was then taken.

Marked as Area 51 on the map, this area became the new secret military base. Kelly Johnson, a leading engineer of the U-2 project, named it as ‘Paradise Ranch’ to make it sound exciting.

Making a Myth

The testing began in July 1955 and there was a flood of reports about UFO sightings. Of course, the Air Force officials clarified that the majority of these mysterious sightings were U-2 tests this could not be revealed to the public. So it remained a mystery.

Over the decades, the A-12 and several secret aircraft were made and tested in the Nevada desert. There still are continued flights. Reportedly, an Air Force Lt. Col. was killed mysteriously in a plane crash in Nevada in September 2017 and the Pentagon failed to immediately ID the aircraft. It appears he was probably flying a strange jet acquired by the United States.

The Truth Is Out There

As per Google Earth, there is continuous construction and work being done even today and the area is in very much in use.

Only a few know what’s going on inside the top-secret military base of America. Some educated guesses suggest they are incorporating improved stealth technology, superior weapons, electronic warfare schemes…

Exploring Area 51

Regardless of whether it is fact or fiction, the aliens in Area 51 are a big attraction for tourists.  An alien-themed brothel is present to the west of Area 51 which is the only one in the world. Visitors are also attracted to geocaching as the highway is thought of as a “mega-trial” with over 2,000 secret geocaches hidden in there.

While getting inside the actual base is almost impossible, a lot of curious visitors drive past the gates of it. You can take help from the locals for directions. Additionally the website Dreamland Resortis another great platform to get the maps, driving directions etc. of Area 51.

Nonetheless, be watchful as you plan and embark on your journey to Area 51. Take plenty of water, food, and proper weather-safety gear because no matter how interesting or whimsical, it is a deserted desert.

Make sure you print out the maps/directions because there is no phone service or GPS there. It is also important to carry spare fuel even after the car’s tank is full and spare tires so that you are not stuck in a place with no gas stations.

Above all, what you must know is that the authorities don’t want you peeking into Area 51. Do not encroach no matter what or else you will go from a tourist to a prisoner in minutes!