A Florida woman, Tina Ballard, was arrested after her pet spider monkey, Spanky, attacked a Home Depot employee. This monkey already had an awful track record at this home improvement store location in North Carolina. Not once, but two times Spanky has attacked an employee at Home Depot. The first attack occurred on May 4. Spanky gripped onto the cashier leaving him in pretty bad condition. The managers kindly asked Ballad to never bring the monkey back and let her go without calling the police.

Ballard returned to the store a couple weeks later, and this time left Spanky in the truck. But monkeys are a lot smarter than people think. An employee noticed the monkey had escaped and tried to grab Spanky’s leash. Spanky reacted violently and leaped onto the employees back before biting him savagely.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission was called to inspect this situation with the monkey. Ballard did not have all the proper credentials required to own a pet monkey and was incapable of getting him immunized. She is now being charged with tampering evidence and trying to hide the monkey from state officials.

There are many state regulations surrounding one’s ability to keep a spider monkey as a pet. The risks of having them are high since they are not in their natural habitat. It isn’t normal for them to live alongside humans so closely. There have been many reports of pet spider monkeys attacking their owner or a stranger. If you are ever thinking of getting a pet spider monkey, you might want to think again.