America’s folklore is rich; creepy tales have always been passed from generation to generation in every state. The terror spreads each time they are told. No matter what your age is, these urban stories are bound to spark fear in your heart and mind.

Here are some creepiest urban legends that prevail in the popular states.

1.  Alaska: The Alaska Triangle

Image via Planet X News

The Alaska Triangle as an answer to the Bermuda Triangle is always hungry for souls. During the past half-century, 20,000 people have gone missing in the area, never to be found again. Nobody knows what happened to them; whether beasts ate them, they could not survive the extreme hikes, or they simply vanished in a dark whirlpool. It does not mean that nobody tried to find out the reason behind people’s disappearance. The government did try when House Majority Leader Hale Boggs’ Cessna disappeared in 1972 – no bodies were found, it just turned up a lot of conspiracy theories.

The area has been associated with evil spirits and it is even thought that trickster demons are responsible for luring people to death. Others think it is just because the area falls in an electromagnetically influenced ‘vile vortex’. Moreover, some people believe it has something to do with Darwin’s theory and the people just taking on nature. Whatever the real cause, the area’s craving for souls never ceases and it has been made the largest center of mass graves in the world.

2.  Arizona: Skinwalkers

Image via PlayWithDeath.Com

Arizona’s desolate desert roads are already creepy to drive through at night, and the tales of Skinwalkers make it even more terrifying. If you ever gather enough courage and feel a tap on your shoulder mid-way, it is likely to be a shape-shifting, mutilated creature that is half-human, looking forward to ripping the flesh off your bones. This legend is very famous across the state – there is even a defined portion known as Skinwalker Ranch where those creepy creatures will be waiting for you!

This urban legend has its roots in Native American folklore. While no accurate details are known, the Skinwalkers are believed to be the evil doctors who have transformed into creepy, murderous creatures that use their spiritual powers to kill. The medicine men are trained to understand both good and evil sides of their powers, and Skinwalkers are those who chose to follow the evil path.

3.  California: The many horrors of Turnbull Canyon

Image via Backpackerverse

Located near LA, Turnbull is known as ‘Hutukngna’ or the place of the devil where the ghosts of people who did not convert to Christianity dwell along with witches and Satanists. All these evil beings sacrifice the children in that place, whose spirits later roam around and dangle from the trees.  It is also believed that the 21 children who died in a plane crash several years ago have joined the ghosts. There are cults, gravity hills, alien encounters, and what not.

The evil history of this place goes centuries back. In 1845, when the place was developed as a fur-trapping site, things got really intense. Many people visit the place not only out of curiosity but also because of its beauty.

4.  Florida: The Skunk Ape

Image via BigFootBase

Several terrifying creatures are known to inhabit the Everglades, including man-eating alligators, snakes, and roadkill. In addition to these, a human-like figure called a Skunk Ape has been spotted many times. It is a relative of Bigfoot, is usually 5 to 7 feet tall, and weighs 450 pounds. They smell insane– you can detect them by a nasty ‘sun baked animal carcass’ and ‘rotting garbage’ smell. The Skunk Apes love to eat berries and small animals. However, they also like to destroy farms and wild boars.

No one can say for sure where they came from. But since they are a relative of Bigfoot, it is believed that they probably migrated south from the mountains and found refuge in the swamplands. However, others only consider it as a lore that people spread to keep others away from their lands. Not knowing what the truth actually is, you should be careful in the Everglades if you ever smell something foul.  

5.  Hawaii: The Night Marchers

Image via Paranormal Encounters

If you are ever enjoying a full moon night on a Hawaii beach and you hear pounding drums approaching you, you are in BIG trouble. The Night Marchers are the spirits of ancient Hawaiian warriors dedicated to protecting the island from all outside threats with drums and a barrage of torches. If you get caught, reportedly they will only spare you if you lay face down and pee on yourself, or if you are lucky enough to share a bloodline with a warrior.

The first incident involving the Night Marchers was recorded in 1778 when Captain Cook arrived on the shores. Traditionally the warriors’ role was to protect the sacred community members but now they have taken over the entire island.

These are the urban tales of the most famous states in America. Make sure you look out for the creepy creatures when on a visit – we know you are terrified!