Sometimes nature has got something baffling and beautiful up its sleeve. Prepare to be awestruck with some of the earth’s rarest and beautiful natural phenomena. Check out Mother Nature’s extravagant showcase from all corners of the world.

Frozen Methane Bubbles, Canada

Photo via. Canadian Geographic

These look something right out of a fantasy novel. They look like flying saucers placed in the water that froze. They also at times look like frozen jellyfish!

But in reality, these are just icy bubbles of methane or gas pockets that are stuck under water. This phenomena looks otherworldly and so beautiful.

Blood Falls, Antarctica

Photo via. National Geographic

Although it has a slightly scary look to it, it’s beautiful in its own right. As the name suggests, it literally looks like a waterfall of blood. Fret not, as it is not blood, but a tint of a subglacial lake that flows through.

It was previously thought that red algae mixed in the water were accountable for this.  Later, it was found out that it’s actually saline water that is trapped underneath that was isolated from water, oxygen and light. When it comes to the surface in contact with oxygen, its color changes into a crimson hue.

Kawah Ijen Lake, Indonesia

Photo via.

Travelers must come to view this hidden gem  as it is a sight to behold. This volcano has a lake on its summit that is a bright turquoise color. It also has beautiful and bright stones around it making it a natural wonder in its own right.

Travelers reach this place after a 3-hour hike and see sulphuric gases glistening at night making it a gorgeous display of colors that swirl around the lake.

Hidden Beach, Mexico

Photo via. Earthporm

Playa Del Amor or Hidden Beach as it’s called, looks like a secret getaway for people who like to have more privacy and extra sun.

It’s nestled in one of the Marieta Islands in Mexico. Vacationers who know about this wondrous place always find this to be a cozy and comfortable area to relax in.

Pink Lank Hillier, Australia

Photo via. Youtube

This looks like a lake of Pepto Bismol to be exact. It’s a pure bubblegum pink that looks stunning surrounded by lush greenery and the deep blue ocean.

Even though this lake is highly saline, it isn’t toxic at all so visitors can easily go for a swim in it. There is no concrete reason as to why this 600 km wide lake is pink but some people say it is because of the algae present in it that have high levels of beta-carotene that give off a reddish pigment when in full bloom.

Fairy circles, Namibia

Photo via. Smithsonian Magazine

In the dry and arid Namib Desert, lie thousands of these large pockmarks known as the Fairy Circles. Nobody knows how they came about because there are no plants or animals living there.

The circles are shaped in a honeycomb like fashion and remain a mystery to everyone.